Youngster for sale!

I looking for new, cozy home for the Best Puppy of WDS 2012, Matranensis Nikita.

According to her abilities I would prefer a kind of owner who is willing to do AGILITY with her.

Even better if some showing interest is there as well.

Please contact by email or phone

When the puppies are born I try to give them more and more experiences, show them different surroundings, noises, etc. just to coach them for the next adventures.

- more pictures -

Before you take the final decision to have puppy please think over the restrictions, possibilities and expenses. Please take time to consider everything, because your life will be different for the next 10-14 years. The Welsh Terrier is healthy and small size breed, so all of them have a chance to reach this nice age.
It is important for you and for the puppy.
But if you have all opportunities to have a new family member, I am pretty sure that you will have lot of happiness and fun with your Welsh Terrier.

To the United States only and alone I will give puppies for the registered members of Welsh Terrier Club of America or should have two sponsors from the membership. Please consider it before contact!

Hungaria Junior Champion CROWN OF MONTGOMERY, Dió.
Possibly I am interested in his international Show campaign.