My first Welsh Terrier has been born. He is Nico (Nibelung Crown).

On this picture you can see Nico's dam, Ch. Villam Gyors Bianka Boa, who was The Most Successful Junior in 1991. On this picture just 7 months old. She still alive and healthy, right now 15 years old.

The first dog shows.

Trainings: obedience and hunting (tracking and wild boar battue.

The first bitch for show and breeding, Récsei Julcsi (Hédi).



The first litter (Ch.Baileys From Michel x Ch.Récsei Julcsi) and the first kennel name: of Montgomery.
I kept one puppy: Archibald of Montgomery.

From five puppies three has been collected the following titles in two years: 3 Hungaria Junior Champion, 2 Hungaria Champion, 1 Interchampion, 1 "The Most Successful junior male", 2 Hungaria Derby winner.

Second litter (Ch.Saredon Majestic x Ch. Récsei Julcsi)

Because Hedi forwarded her faults to the both litters from different studs I have decided to withdraw her from the breeding, disregarding the show results.

My second bitch has been born. She has Dutch background, born in Poland: Hop To Hungary Aluzja, Süti.

I am proudly member of Welsh Terrier Club of America (WTCA).

I am proudly member of The Welsh Terrier Club (UK).

World Dog Show, Amsterdam.
Süti won the intermediate class and has got the Reserve World Winner title.

Dutch Welsh Terrier Club's (NWTC) Clubmatch: Intermediate class winner.

Third litter (AmCh., GBCh, NlCh, BCh, WCh, Ech. See's Ready To Go x Res WCh. Hop To Hungary Aluzja.

The four boys are living in four countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Hungary.

I have kept from them Crown of Montgomery, Dió.

New kennel name: MATRANENSIS (FCI). Meaning of this is: originating from Mátra. Mátra is the mountain at my living area, this mountains are very important for me.

Temporarily I had one female from Romania with Saredon and Purston background, Kissable of Happytails.

Forth litter (Crown of Montgomery x Kissable of Happytails).

Fifth litter (Ch. Vito of the New Husken x Ch. Hop To Hungary Aluzja).

Matranensis Dreadful Doodley went to his new family

We were successful on Szilvasvarad and Interra Shows:
- Saturday, CACIB:
Matranensis Earthquake - Puppy 1, Best Puppy
Matranensis Dreadful Doodley - Junior Class 1. HPJ
- Sunday, CACIB: Matranensis Eager Beaver - Puppy 1, Best Puppy

Matranensis Dreadful Doodley - Junior Class 1. HPJ
- Monday, Interra: Matranensis Earthquake - Puppy 1, Best Puppy
Matranensis Eager Beaver - Puppy 1, Best Puppy, PUPPY BIS !
Tata CACIB: Matranensis Eager Beaver HPJ, Best Junior
Derby CAC: Matranensis Eager Beaver CAC, Derby Winner, BOB
Hungaria Terrier Club Clubshow: Matranensis Eager Beaver CAC, Club Winner, BOB

Matranensis Dreadful Doodley 2005. Welsh Terrier of the Year!

Brno CACIB: Matranensis Eager Beaver CAC, Res. CACIB
Brno Interra: Matranensis Eager Beaver CAC

We have shown first Hungarian bred Welsh Terrier in UK!
National Terrier Show, Stafford United Kingdom: Matranensis Eager Beaver Open III.
The F-litter has been born from Matranensis Dreadful Doodley x Matranensis Eighth Wonder couple.
Hunting season started again. Period of successful trackings and exciting wildboar-battues

We have celebrated the 15th birthday of Nico, with the smallest
breeder, our newborn son, Álmos Botond.
Very successful period was 2006 for Ch. Matranensis Dreadful Doodley!
Results in 2006:
Interra CAC,
Poznan World Dog Show: K1 CAC
Amsterdam Winner R.CACIB
Champion Show: Champion of Champions, BOG2
Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Show Champion, Hungaria Grand Champion
Many thanks to the owners, Szilvia & Péter Harasta!


Ch. Matranensis Dreadful Doodley is the first Hungarian bred Welsh Terrier, who was shown on the greatest show of the World, on Crufts, UK.
He placed as reserve in Open Class.
European Dog Show, Zagreb
Ch. Matranensis Dreadful Doodley - Working class, reserve

Matranensis Eager Beaver - Open class Winner

Szolnok CAC
Matranensis Eager Beaver - CAC, BOB. She is completed the Hungarian Champion title with this win.
Dear old friend, Nico (BkHCh. Nibelung Crown) passed away. He spent 15 years and 8 months with us. Rest in Peace, Öreg!
First dachshund litter has been born (HMCh. Baktai Fekete Durcás x Ostoros Fenyvesi Aranyos)

Males: Góbé, Galiba, female: Gubanc

The H-litter has been born at 2nd of December (Ch. Matranensis Dreadful Doodley x Ch. Matranensis Eager Beaver), 3 males, 1 female.

Proudly report that Aust. Ch. Matranensis Earthquake (Cliff) won Best In Show on 15.12.2007, beating 1240 dogs for the award!

He is the No1. Welsh Terrier, 2007 in Australia
and No15. in Top Terriers

Many thanks for great owners: S & C Duff / A Taylor / M O'Kelly!

Aust. Ch. Matranensis Earthquake (Cliff) is breed leaderboard currently.
We are out to hunt
And out for hiking…
Sweet, old Hédike (Ch. Récsei Julcsi) passed away.
Matranensis Earthquake Australian Grand Champion!

Cliff is the very first Welsh Terrier of Australia, who completed Grand Champion title! Salute to great owners!

The I-litter has been born (Ch. Hot Riot’s Lapdog x Ch. Hop to Hungary Aluzja)
Second dachshund litter was born (HMCh. Baktai-Fekete Durcás x Ostoros Fenyvesi Aranyos)

Matranensis Handsome Hooligan is Junior European Winner and Best Junior on his first show

Next day he won Junior Club Winner! With these wins he completed the Hungaria Junior Champion title.

Matranensis Hedgehog Hunter Junior Club Winner on Slovakian Terrier Club!


Show results of Matranensis Handsome Hooligan 2008: Amszterdam Junior Winner, Res CAC Judge: Mrs Ingrid Borchorst (DK). Wels (Austria): 2x JW, 2x BOB Sárospatak: HPJ, BOB. Szentes: HPJ, BOB Budapest: Derby Winner Champion of Champions. 2008 Top Welsh Terrier Male. Congratulations for owners: Noémi Szlukovinyi & Igor Kiss

Matranensis Irsai Olivér has moved to St. Petersburg, co-owned with Julia Semyonova (kennel iz Petergofa). He shown his great hunting abilities ont he first day.
Matranensis Irsai Olivér’s show result:
01.05. 2009. St Petersburg show: BOB, BOG III. 17.05.2009. National show: JunCAC, BOB
17.05.2009. RKF Champion show: JunCAC, BOB 18.05.2009. Regional show: JunCAC, BOB. By this quick and successful start he is Russian Junior Champion.
Matranensis Hedgehog Hunter made great achievements as 100 points collected on some Slovakian hunting tests, placed in top 3 several times.
Matranensis Irsai Olivér has been passed the hunting tests successfully on fox and blood tracking in Russia. Congratulations for the co-owner, Julia Semyonova.

Interra Show, Pozsony, 2009.10.08.:

Matranensis Handsome Hooligan Intermediate class: R.CAC

Matranensis Hedgehog Hunter, Working class: R.CAC

Ch. Hop To Hungary Aluzja, Veteran class: Interra Veteran Winner 2009, Veteran BIS III.

World Dog Show, Pozsony, 2009.10.09.:

Matranensis Handsome Hooligan Intermediate class: R.CAC

Matranensis Hedgehog Hunter, Working class: R.CAC

ICh. Asterix of Montgomery, Veteran class: World Veteran Winner

Ch. Hop To Hungary Aluzja, Veteran class: World Veteran Winner, Best Veteran

Matranensis Handsome Hooligan’s results in this year, till today: 10xCAC, 5xCACA, 5xCACIB, 4xRCACIB, 4xBOB, Middle East European Winner 2009, ÖKV Centenniel Winner 2009, 2xBOG, BIS III.

The K-litter has been born (Saredon Die Hard x Matranensis Eager Beaver): 1 male (King of the Blues) and 4 bitches (Kalamajka, Kadarka, Kickshaw, Keeker).

Matranensis Irsai Olivér RKF Champion!

Dachshund litter born (HCH, MCH. Muflon-Űző Apród x Matranensis Gubanc).  

Matranensis Kickshaw (Kika) won Puppy BIS III. on her first show (Pannonia Terrier Show)

Matranensis Irsai Olivér won CAC, BOS, next day CAC, BOB, BOG III. in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Matranensis Irsai Olivér on regional trial championship in artificial earthground CAСТ in St.Petersburg (87 and 93 points), breed winner of the championship.

Sweet Suti, (Hop to Hungary Aluzja), mother of Dió, Folt, Cliff, Csipke, Csitri, Olivér and their brothers, sisters is passed away.
Matranensis Kickshaw (Kika) won Junior Class and BOB on CACIB Show, Novi Sad.
European Dog Show – Cejle

Matranensis Kickshaw Junior European Winner, Best Junior


M-litter (Ch. Greenfield Super Hero x Ch. Matranensis Eager Beaver) has been born– 4 boys: Mad Mogul, Monty Pithon, Muddy Waters, Montgomery Memoria

As I got boys only from previous litter I repeated the same combination after the consultancy with our vet and got the N-litter – 1 male and 4 females: Nimrod, Nikita, Nouky-Nouky, No Way!, Nitro Noodle


On 17th of February I had the 20th anniversary to take my very first Welsh Terrier home. HGCh Nibelung Crown, Nico bred by Sarolta Asztalos and Dénes Hárs. Hereby I would thank you the friendship and this wonderful friend.

On the World Dog Show 2012, Salzburg Matranensis Nikita won Best puppy (thanks for handling to Giuseppe Avveduti), and Matranensis Kickshaw got exc. In open class

Ch. Matranensis Kickshaw completed her Serbian and International Championship